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for? >>> republican senator marco rubio from florida will be the keynote speaker this saturday at the political fund-raiser for iowa governor. senator rubio has been mentioned a a potential presidential candidate in 2006. live coverage on c-span at 7:30 p.m. eastern. >>> miami book fair international live this weekend with two days of non-fiction books, author pant, interviews and your calls, e-mails and tweets. now a discussion with adviser to both president obama and mitt romney's campaign in the 2012 election. they talked about voter turnout, the president's debate and comparison to the 2008 election. this is about twenty five minutes. [applause] my name is justin smith. i'm the president of atlanta media company. i'm delighted to welcome you to the fourth annual washington idea forum convene bid the atlantic, the aspen substitute and the museum. as many of you know the atlanta has been in the business for a long time. 1857, to be exact, it wasn't until nine years ago that we truly became serious about creating the most interest and ambitious live forum for discussion on pol
bills took florida. 70% of the bills have been cosponsored on a bipartisan nature. that is the way that we are going to move this thing forward to lead to take control of the senate and reach out in a bipartisan way. heitkamp: he said that he would vote the way he wanted about all a vote on all of these issues -- issues of taxation. last year, congressman berg, when they were trying to solve the problem with the fiscal cliff, to congresspeople, one democrat and one republican, started working on a bipartisan solution to the fiscal cliff. grover norquist pick up the phone and said, no compromise. no compromise. if you compromise, we will come after you and get you in the primary and we will take you out of your seat. it scared people from actually getting it done. these are the partnerships that congressman berg has established. it does not bode well to send someone who establishes those partnerships when you are talking about compromise. when you look at my record of working across party lines in the aisle, i think you will see some remarkable things. partnering up with the constit
was very interesting. the same scenario for the popular vote happen for ohio and florida. the support for obama is bigger in ohio and florida and his winning margin. so you can argue that that vote mattered a lot. if you think about an election where obama loses ohio and florida, you start to think about a very different election. so then i looked at one of mitt romney and obama -- the lgbt vote was 76 obama and 22 per mitt romney. quite frankly, it has been about that -- roughly three to one. quite frankly, it has been high all the way through. but what if they split it evenly or romney just got a little bit more? if mitt romney had 151% of the vote, he would've won ohio, florida, and virginia. he would have been within four electoral votes of the presidency. in ohio and florida, all you have to do is win a little over one third of the lgbt vote win those states. while i don't think that that suggests that in the way we are now talking about immigration and things that republicans have to rethink their strategy about, i don't think it is quite that level of impact. but a little bit o
know returns from florida. a day to spend a little more time on why this is hot and and that is made for us going forward. first, i share the admiration all ran for president the bonus campaign team. they're technically close to perfect in the first responsibility of a campaign team is to identify and turn out voters. they planned it, executed at them every step of the way they knew what those they needed and they went out and began weeks before election day banking favorable votes in states where they had already had people on the ground crew plan to produce. so technically superb operation when it was set to standard for future campaigns and how you identify your voters, encourage them to turn out and perhaps some people think by the fourth or fifth visitor phone call, urging on harassment to turn them out, but it did work. the point i want to make dionne not however because the technical aspect look at a lot of attention. i like to point how much of this is actually policy-based. the fact is elections have ultimately about policies, not just campaign techniques. the first policy o
-span. >>> former florida governor jeb bush called for higher education standards in the u.s. delivering opening remarks for the town dangers fifth annual summit on education reform. the two-day summit is host bid the foundation for excellence. it includes education secretary an knee duncan and state policy makers inspect is thirty minutes. [applause] good morning, everybody. it is with great pride i'm going to introduce governor bush this morning. we met a over twenty five years ago, i don't think he has it on the rÉsume still, i was in tallahassee and i helped recruit move jeb to tallahassee in 1986 and i don't think he has forgiven me for that. but he was a secretary of commerce, as you may remember for a couple of years, and after i negotiated salary then governor elect renegotiated his salary not upward but downward, as it turns out that's why he doesn't like me. we blame friends as he served in the administration and in 1993, twenty years ago after coming off of the statewide campaign, jeb and i were playing golf in miami and we were went back to his house and i said, i think that running
. they were french. they made wine. they had the good sense to land in florida in june and set of december in massachusetts, but then they were wiped out by the spanish. the most famous woman in america, she was taken captive by indians in 1695, marched in new hampshire. in the middle of the night she killed her captor timmer realized she could get a bounty for scalps from indian scout spirit schuett back on the scalp them and made her way to boston. they actually erected a statue to her. the first statue, showed her with a hatchet in one hand and scalps in the other. >> army chief of staff, general ray odierno talked about how the military is prepared for the future. he discussed the challenge of maintaining the readiness of smaller troop levels in the shift out of iraq and afghanistan. the center for strategic and international studies hosted this hour-long event. [inaudible conversations] >> years ago -- [inaudible] auditorium at a podium. >> the microphone isn't on. [inaudible] >> welcome to the center for strategic and international studies. that sounds real. good morning welcome to e
in florida and also by more than 70,000 votes, which i think reveals that the politics within the cuban-american community may be changing significantly. again, this probably shouldn't have come as a great surprise or shock to people following it, this seems to have gotten a lot of attention. there may be more space to pursue more energetic policy of engagement of an opening from obama with cuba. i think there already has been some important steps that were made with the lifting of restrictions on travel and remittances cuban-americans in making travel more flexible. perform latin american perspective, there's a sense that not much has changed. there's a hope that perhaps the second term there may be more of a change but if i were. on this issue as well, we also have to look carefully at the composition of the new congress and pieces moving around. the members of congress, some members of congress held important decisions that would no longer be holding them in the next couple of years. if the senator from texas, also a cuban-american. and so, congress obviously it's going to be critica
priest from florida who burns the q'uaran they say look at america who hates us. first of all, with the freedom of expression he can burn the american flag and the bible and the q'uaran but he does not represent the values of the united states or the government. there are radicals on each side and they feed each other. just like somebody burning the q'uaran. they respond equally. then sometimes by the only and innocent people by. >> how much coverage should the american media give to pastor jones? you said you just can't back with terry -- turkey but over and over there would ask where is the u.s. leadership? >> foreign policy magazine answered this question the anxious of thumb twiddling hoping the regime would crumble from within. hopefully by next year you cannot afford to continue. they will supply him what he needs. unless there is a change in the military i don't think the war could be one. right now it is unable to crush the rebels who are unable to throw the regime. today there was an article for the no-fly zone but as a journalist i am not an activist but as a reporte
, explains results in ohio and florida and perhaps virginia. the reality is, you know, a party that gets less than 8% of the african-american vote, 30% of the hispanic vote, and less than 40% of the vote coming up through the system, you know, it's a party that needs to adjust, and i talked about that today. some of the policy, a lot is tone, a lot is just an inclusive message taking what i think is our strength which is our positions on the economy and growth and opportunity and translating that in a way that young people, in this case, understand it and appreciate. getting out of school, you're looking at a 50% unemployment rate in terms of matching your degree to the job that you want. i mean you'd think that is a huge issue and the debt and deficit would be a huge issue, it's now $55,000 for every young person out of college and all of us. they were issues we could not communicate in a way that was effective, clearly, to win the majority of the vote, and the social issues are important to that generation. they look at issues differently than our generation. it's a different attitude now.
communicated with responding both on intra-agency and then also with the massachusetts florida pharmacy. with that i will yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentlelady gives time and the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you sister chairman very much. dr. hamburg is not true that the legal definition of druggy manufacture in section 510 of the food drug and cosmetic act exists -- -- exempts pharmacies? >> you know, i am not a lawyer but my understanding is yes. >> that creates a problem right up front from a legal perspective. that clear statement that exempts pharmacies from fda jurisdiction of and when it comes to drug manufacturers. in the actual definition itself, it kind of talks about what is the equivalent of merck or pfizer and explicitly says pharmacies are not governed in that definition. so that is just loaded with a potential for lawsuits, for questions that can be raised about your authority and do you need that clarified so that you absolutely have the ability to regulate compounding pharmacies in a way that protects the public
this is somewhat bipartisan to cicatrix what we need a personal system in places like colorado or tampa in florida they are things i'm very excited about what is coming out of those in the learning from charter schools say yes and k-12 the last ten years as painful as they have been i think we are getting some good things out of that. higher ed, our agenda has some completion, not nearly enough, a little bit of focus now on this technology peace but the financial equation i find it scary hell it is pointing in one direction which is less people going to higher education whereas the economic compared if people seem to think we want people to be employed. that plant in a completely different direction and if you cut the discretionary spending and education to accept proportional percentages of those cuts the way some people are talking about, i will tell you your own employment figure and will be very high and will be class structured. that's the thing people don't highlight how differentiated this i think that's been missed somewhat and therefore you miss the role of education and that we are heade
and the situation in syria. several live events tell you about tomorrow morning. former florida governor jeb bush will be speaking at the foundation for excellence in education. you can once that event here on c-span2 at 845 eastern. just after that at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span three the foreign policy initiative begins a daylong symposium on foreign policy. such a look at congress, national security was arizona senator john kyl. then on c-span, a forum on energy policy hosted by the bipartisan policy center. former senators and byron dorgan. that is at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> on 16 of 17 bases in the united states we have military-run schools. the average cost to educate a child in that school per year is $50,000. almost four times what the rest of public education costs. and the vast majority of our bases use public schools. we could take the money we're spending today, pay every public school system 14,000 per child and save billions of dollars per year and with the same or better outcomes. >> this weekend, you can talk with oklahoma senator about the fiscal clef, affordable care act to amend
nurse in florida and became an episcopal priest, close to $100,000. she had to sell her house and she sold her car and took a vow of poverty to make it through that period. why not come up with better ways for people to say for this transition that so many more going through? there was another article in "the wall street journal" that describes the growing number of boomers who were tapping into the children's 529 accounts to go back to school, whether they were going from being an episcopal priest to a pediatric nurse and vice versa or some other combination. we have individual retirement accounts. i'd like to see individual purpose accounts where people save for their own transition and they don't have to go through their children's 529 account. at the policy level, why not take social security more flexible? why not enable people to take a year or two of social security in their 50's for example to go back to school or to do an encore fellowship or to do national service for a year and have people go to work and actuarially adjusted period on the other and? these are things that we
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